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Istanbul / Turkey




Istanbul / Turkey

The design brief for the IzPark project called for two major office tower
blocks of approximately fifteen storeys each, with additional facilities and
parking. Rising on two separate parcels divided by a road, the towers were
to accommodate flexible office units, suitable for the needs of various occupants.
The programme includes:
- Offices: two towers of approximately 15 floors each. One of these towers
must be solely dedicated to offices, whereas the other one must consist of
home offices. Total Gross Area: 12,500 m²
- Retail: entrance floors of the buildings can be reserved for commercial use.
Total Gross Area: 1,500m²
- Facilities: a social facility unit with a cafeteria to accommodate the needs of
the office tenants.
- Parking: integrated parking for 200 cars.
Located at the recently developing business district of Kartal, in Istanbul,
the project’s main objective was to provide a new locale with flexible and
efficient workspaces, while making an ambitious and attractive mark in the
rapidly rising skyline of the area.

The Concept:
Green spaces in the work environment are known to have a positive
effect on the work performance, as well as provide several
health and well-being benefits.
In this project, the concept of “green workspaces” were integrated
in the design with the insertion of semi-private terraces
amongst the office units. The terraces, which are accessible by
the employees on each floor, aim to create an open space for
relaxation, while encouraging collaboration and creativity.

Download the project document

Location  : Istanbul / Turkey

Client       : Ege Yapı

Year         : 2013

Service    : Architecture

Area         : 25.250m²

Status      : Completed

Type         : Offices, invited competition

Design in  : Dore Architects

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