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Ankara / Turkey




Ankara / Turkey

The former industrial area is stuck almost at the center of the city because of the rapid development of built environment, particularly housing blocks. It is a collapsed urban land, despite its value as a crossroad of Cumhuriyet street and highway axes. It is important to regain that plot physically, economically and socially considering future projections about the city. There is rapid change around the plot.

We were asked to develop an approach to revitalize the area by means of the transformation of built environment, and consequently, an improvement in socio-economic structure. 

We worked with city and urban planners. They made an extensive survey about the landlords, current users, and areas of each building; values, and future projections of the administrative bodies about the site. The main concern of all parties was to develop a feasible, rational, fair and user-friendly model for the transformation of the area and the share of the surplus as the result of socio-economic improvement.

The total area is 1.200.420m², 850.000m² of which, after having left the necessary amount for roads, landscape and public right, will be subjected to new constructions. The total amount of the construction on the site will be 920.000m², 650.000 m² of which will be reserved for housing, and 270.000m² of which will be reserved for commercial activities.
West of the plot has got Melen Valley and we prepared recreation areas around it and all the roads reaching that green area. This roads also passing through from main square.

The project should improve the existing pattern’s burdens and capacity into not only planned but also flexible and livable environment.

We tried to realize that philosophy by means of high-rises receded to the boundary of the site to leave more space for low-rises and landscape. 

Three towers considered as landmarks for the city defining the two ends of them main axis. They were supposed to host mainly the commercial activities. The low-rise housing units structuring the site created a series of plazas which would be characterized with cafes, patisseries, small shops, etc.

Municipality wanted to express traditional architectural character. One of the main cultural characteristics of that civilization was their advancement in abstract-geometric ornamentation. The geometric accuracy and aesthetics quality they had achieved are much more than a decoration issue. We examined their geometric compositions to reach a complex structural organization for the towers mentioned above, instead of mere symbolic “connotations”.

Location  : Ankara / Turkey

Client       : kahramankazan Municipality

Year         : 2018

Service    : Architecture

Area         : 1.200.420m²

Status      : Ongoing

Type         : Urban Design

Design in  : AE Architects


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