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Istanbul / Turkey




Istanbul / Turkey

Until the 1950s, Esenler, wherein rural life and architectural style were dominated by many aspects, has witnessed intensive migrations with the

proliferation of industrial facilities in Istanbul. These migrations have completely obliterated the rural life as well as the geographical aspect of Esenler. The urban development and spatial changes in the district has taken place continuously under the influence of various dynamics within a limited geographical area.

This study aims to examine the application of urban renewal, which is seen as a solution to the problems of spatial development in modern city life.

Location  : Istanbul / Turkey

Client       : Esenler Municipality, Ceneviz Investment

Year         : 2014

Service    : Architecture

Area         : 225.800m²

Status      : Settled

Type         : Urban Design, Mixed Use, Residence, Office,

                   Retail, Civic

Design in  : Dore Architects

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