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Istanbul / Turkey




Istanbul / Turkey

The brief was to design a settlement composed of residences, commercial and social facilities, and a hotel at the periphery of the city. The proposed “open-city” approach is developed to cease the problems of gated communities and introvert shopping mall typology and to introduce an urban space pattern to the settlement. The starting point of the project, which has a gross floor area of 488.000 m², was to disperse the pedestrian and vehicle circulation into two different levels and to create an outdoor circulation route around the commercial and social facilities. Thus, the upper level defines an uninterrupted pedestrian walkway that can cross the entire settlement.

Project designed with Assoc. Prof. Yüksel Demir, Pab and Imar Planlama.

Location  : Istanbul / Turkey

Client       : EGE Yapi

Year         : 2010

Service    : Architecture

Area         : 488.000m²

Status      : Settled

Type         : Residential, Offices, Retail, Education, 

                   Hospitality, Urban Design, Culture-civic,

                   invited competition

Design in  : Dore Architects

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