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Kocaeli / Turkey




Kocaeli / Turkey

The project, which includes the administrative units of Dilovası Imes organized industrial site and the seminar halls, has a 4306m² area. The plot is located on a corner and surrounded by vehicle roads. As a quiet courtyard was needed, the place was formed by turning the office and seminar units through the main entrance axis. On one side of this courtyard the vertical circulation is located. In order to break the monotonous of the office  alignments and to obtain a dynamic effect, voids and protrusions were formed on the structure. Recreational area and an open-air multi-purpose amphitheater is designed on the roof top.

Location  : Kocaeli / Turkey

Client       : Dilovasi Imes

Year         : 2018

Service    : Architecture

Area         : 4.306m²

Status      : Ongoing

Type         : Offices, invited competition

Design in  : AE Architects


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