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Kocaeli / Turkey




Kocaeli / Turkey

Çolakoğlu Metallurgical Building is designed to be a unique structure as a harmonious part of the context in which it is located.

Project site is located in an area where industrial production and logistics are being used extensively. The main goal of the project is to construct a functional structure that is consistent with the context and topography, sustainable and well integrated with its surroundings. The coexistence of different functions has been the main factor in building design criteria. Main design principles are providing functionality, construction economy and sustainability in architecture.

Designed in the form of different garden concepts, terraces are the outdoor spaces where employees can breathe and relax. With the landscape of the area, building presents richer vistas to the users. As these gardens are located parallel to the railway track, they provide private open spaces to presidential and other type of offices.

The structure is designed in rigid basic geometric lines and in order to increase the structural dynamics and allow solar utilization by providing ecological design, it is supported by a crust. This crust controls the natural lighting and optimises the ventilation. With its setbacks, empty spaces it forms an inter section and thus provides sheltered places.

In addition to the entrance facade, the crust forms a secondary facade element. By the catwalks between these two facades, the sheltered places are opened to outdoor. On the entrance facade this inter section is expanded through the administrator offices and semi opened terraces has been formed.

Location  : Kocaeli / Turkey

Client       : Çolakoğlu Holding

Year         : 2017

Service    : Architecture

Area         : 12.350m²

Status      : Settled

Type         : Offices, invited competition

Design in  : AE Architects

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