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Suleymaniyah / Iraq




Suleymaniyah / Iraq

The Suleymaniyah Campus consists of nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools,  high schools, science high schools, colleges, social center, multipurpose halls, museum, dormitories, mess halls, sport center, management offices and retails,

The campus is a sequence of interlinked spaces. The buildings on the various lots qualify the space from an architectural standpoint. The masterplan model also determines the design of open spaces. A weave of interior and exterior spaces, defined by the location of access points with regard to the squares, gives life to the environment.

The open space in the new Suleymaniyah campus forms the environment and context for architectural objects. As environment, it defines margins and intersections with "neighboring lots" as well as spatial sequences to form a harmonious whole. As context, it constitutes stations for active interchange and places for learning and research.

Location  : Suleymaniyah / Iraq

Client       : Miran Group

Year         : 2015

Service    : Architecture

Area         : 74.354m²

Status      : Settled

Type         : Education, Culture-Civic, Hospitality,

                   Urban Design

Design in  : Freelance

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