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Berlin / Germany




Berlin / Germany

Consulates undertake a very important role in establishing relations between governments and institutions, as well as ensuring the establishment and maintenance of economic, social, cultural and scientific ties between societies. They also contribute to the creation of first impressions of the state and society they represent. Naturally, the consulate building has an important share in this impression. The design proposal was developed with this awareness and responsibility.

The world has a very rich cultural repertoire. The unique values ​​they have are increasing the appeal of cultures and the desire of people to recognize and appreciate different cultures. Political, economic and scientific developments have made it possible for communities and individuals with different cultures to communicate, to recognize other cultures and to make various purchases. This process, also referred to as "globalization," draws attention to the danger that if the culture can not be managed well, the cultures will lose their original values ​​and gradually become the same, resulting in the gradual disappearance of the rich cultures of the world and the formation of a "global hybrid culture". If the cultures lose their attractiveness due to their differences and the whole world coincides in the cultural sense, the above mentioned exchange will have no meaning in the cultural dimension.

The developed design proposal has intellectual references from Turkey's rich cultural structure.

The open and semi open spaces (courtyards, inner courtyards, roof courts, roof gardens are integrated with the interior spaces to provide space comfort as well as security and privacy requirements) are integrated into the roof terrace of the guesthouse block and can be used for various events it is provided.

It is aimed that semi open spaces (inner gardens and roof courtyards) are covered with a glazing system in cold and rainy weather and support to warm the building with greenhouse effect in hot weather to support the cooling of the building.

Project designed with DGI Bauwerk (German Architectural firm) and Assoc. Prof. Yüksel Demir.

Location  : Berlin / Germany

Client       : Turkish Republic

Year         : 2007

Service    : Architecture 

Area         : 11.320m²

Status      : Settled

Type         : Culture-Civic, invited competition

Design in  : ECF Architects

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