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Istanbul / Turkey




Istanbul / Turkey

Located in Sile/Istanbul, on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, the BO House’s neighboring buildings block its view to the nearby sea. Appropriately, it was chosen to cantilever the house’s pool from its roof, so that the beach and sea can always be seen while sunbathing or swimming. 

The house’s rooftop pool is cantilevered 6 m southwest–toward the Black Sea  range in the distance. Equipped with an infinity-edge, its water merges with the sea in the distance. This pool has a glass-bottom floor and a panoramic window at its interior facing edge, both of which are 6 cm thick; the latter allows those in the living room to voyeuristically view those swimming, whose terrace extends under the cantilevered pool. The searing Turkish sun constantly filters through the pool’s glass wall and floor, creating ripples of iridescent turquoise reflections throughout the entire house. As such, the pool can be seen and experienced from nearly all areas of the house. 

Location  : Istanbul / Turkey

Client       : Private

Year         : 2017

Service    : Architecture

Area         : 172m²

Status      : Ongoing

Type         : Residential

Design in  : AE Architects

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