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Istanbul / Turkey




Istanbul / Turkey

Evoking the Municipality's vision to promote art, music, theater, and dance in Istanbul, the design for the Goztepe Cultural Center celebrates the city’s rich cultural heritage with a bold response to the project’s program, climate, and site.

Located on Anatolian side of Istanbul, the Center consists of two 750-seat theaters, a 750-seat concert hall, lecture hall/cinema, conference center, children's center, as well as galleries for the fine arts.

Climate, with extremely high average levels of solar radiation and temperatures, required an innovative and site-specific response for both the exterior and interior of the building. So that, perforated metal interface covered the building as a cocoon.

The design filters sunlight into the building to achieve optimal levels for the display of art and historical artifacts, while providing thermal mass to reduce cooling loads. This indirect natural light animates the courtyard, galleries, and performance spaces throughout the day, providing a shifting experience of light that is specific to the site.

Location  : Istanbul / Turkey

Client       : Kadikoy Municipality

Year         : 2016

Service    : Architecture

Area         : 40.020m²

Status      : Settled

Type         : Culture-Civic

Design in  : AE Architects

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